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​The political system in Washington is so badly broken and many people wonder if it can ever be fixed.

But it can - and you can make a difference.

I am running for US Congress to help build a movement of change.

The change we are working toward is the change to return the power of government back to the people it belongs to - you, your friends, and your neighbors. In this country, the power belongs to you until you give it to someone else. Unfortunately, our government has been far too willing to take it. Instead of continuing to see your freedoms eroded by more government, this is the chance for you to make a difference too!

I live in the heart of the 7th District, the Old Northside of Indianapolis, where President Benjamin Harrison once called home. I live in the midst of the fabric of a community in renaissance. A community where values I cherish; loving your neighbor, racial harmony, diversity of lifestyles, art, education and culture, all co-exist and  thrive. 

But the corruption of government has caused divisions among people in ways that threaten our peace and security. We need to change things in Washington in a completely different way than we have before . It’s time to quit talking about more of government solving our problems. It’s time to let bold, private citizens do what they do best - innovate and prosper, and give back on their own.

Ending Corruption, Enabling Entrepreneurs, Personal Freedom for All - these are our core themes for change!

For Indianapolis, we should start the process by changing the long time occupant of this seat in Congress. In his tenure, he's helped a limited few to prosper, while consistently ignoring the solutions that enable the growth of our city to reach every corner and secure our lives and livelihoods more richly. 19 years of the same name in the same seat in Congress only breeds corruption.  We need to shift power away from the old guard in DC and enable new, fresh ideas and energy to bring our city together.

But let’s not make the mistake of turning the job over to the other older party that has equally failed to right the system.  We need fresh ideas from people with a different perspective on government altogether - to restore America's hope, while bringing that hope to everyone we represent.

The hope of freedom is what has made America so great to begin with - and freedom is the one thing that must be fought for against a growing and continuing wave of corruption in Washington, DC. I'm here to lead that fight for you.
Please join me; and, lets Try Freedom For a Change!

Candidate Drew Thompson


Drew Thompson